Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ten Top Business Tips

Recently I was preparing for a strategic business coaching presentation to a commission of business owners and senior management staff members. I had been asked by the host to make sure I had a list of ten top business tips to pass along to the attendees. Reflecting back over the out of several years, I tried to recall what I would select as ten of those top tips. After remembering chosen of the most highly successful people I have worked with as a strategic thinking business coach and/or an executive coach, I comprehended of what they had told me were some of the most impactful tips I had shared with them. Here are the ten top business hints that I recalled as invested in the biggest impact on past clients.

1. Develop a clearly focused and defined vision statement for your sector or organization. This vision statement should be a description of the image of your business that you feel particularly compelled to achieve.

2. Articulate and teach your business vision throughout your business or organization to inspire others. Commit to integrating and implementing at all is essential within the duration of the firm to reach your business vision.

3. Demonstrate your passion for your business vision in all that you do every day in your business.

4. Develop a Strategic Plan and a Strategic Action Plan to reach your business vision.

5. Acknowledge and appreciate your staff, clients, customers, and all your stakeholders on a daily basis. Be generous with your verbal and written expressions of thank you.

6. Consistently over-deliver on what is promised and supply added rate to your clients and customers.

7. Develop, adopt and strictly adhere to a code of solid business ethics.

8. Celebrate successes along the way to achieving your business vision.

9. Always observe proper business etiquette and exhibit impeccable business manners.

10. Seek outside advice through mentoring and/or coaching to provide a sounding board and to provide guidance and coaching on some of the hardy decisions you ought to want to make to reach your business vision.

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