Monday, July 28, 2008

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Sign up for daily business newsletters -

Sign up for daily business newsletters, MI - Jul 26, 2008
Bartenders, waiters, hairstylists, cab drivers and other workers who depend on tips for income say they are tallying smaller gratuities these days. ...

ANZ tips profit rise of eight per cent - The Age


ANZ tips profit rise of eight per cent
The Age, Australia - 10 hours ago
"ANZ's underlying business is continuing to deliver a solid performance, and we expect a cash profit of over $3 billion in 2008," chief executive Mike Smith ...
Banking rout continues: ANZ forecasts 25% drop Crikey (subscription)
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Business share tips - WalesOnline

Business share tips
WalesOnline, United Kingdom - 2 hours ago
CANADA-BASED exploration group Oilexco proved last week there was still plenty of oil waiting to be discovered in the North Sea. The company, which has been ...

Small biz tips - Asheville Citizen-Times

Small biz tips
Asheville Citizen-Times, NC - 3 hours ago
For free advice on starting or growing your business, contact the Asheville SCORE office at 271-4786 or at ...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

onmouseover="return window.status=''" onmouseout="window.status=''" href="">The Scientific Business Of Thomson Reuters Publishes Its 2008 Liquent Regulatory Affairs Trends Survey Results

The Scientific Business Of Thomson Reuters Publishes Its 2008 Liquent Regulatory Affairs Trends Survey Results
The scientific business of Thomson Reuters recently announced the early findings of its 2008 Liquent Regulatory Affairs Trends Survey.

Golf fundraiser organized by Sacramento Utilities Department employees under scrutiny
The oversight and financial management of a popular charity golf tournament staged by employees of Sacramento's scandal-plagued Utilities Department have raised questions about how charitable it actually was.

JennisonDryden Offers Small-Cap Mutual Fund to Defined Contribution Plans
JennisonDryden has launched the Jennison Small Cap Opportunity Fund (JNOZX), a mutual fund that invests in small-cap growth and value stocks. The fund has been made available through defined contribution platforms, such as 401(k) retirement plans. JennisonDryden is the proprietary mutual fund family of Prudential Financial Inc. (NYSE: PRU).

DEDC joins regular GOCA meetings to explore latest export risk management solutions
Dubai Export Development Corporation (DEDC) has attended the annual meeting of the General Organisation of Credit Alliance (GOCA) held in Paris to discuss the latest crisis management strategies in light of increased political and commercial risk at a global level.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Software Business Executive Report

Software Business Executive Report
Software Business is focused exclusively on the software industry and provides industry leaders with twice monthly eNewsletters, an information packed website and two well attended

Business Software Solutions, Cork, Ireland - IT Systems Developers
B usiness Software Solutions is a software development company specialising in providing innovative solutions to real business problems.

HP Software
Learn how HP business software solutions can help maximize performance of your IT infrastructure.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

20 Cool IPhone Apps - PC World

20 Cool IPhone Apps - PC World

20 Cool IPhone Apps
PC World - 22 hours ago
For anyone tired of having their wallet or purse overstuffed with business cards, 211me's paperless business cards could be just the ticket. ...

'Old-style strongmen are on the way out' - Independent Online

'Old-style strongmen are on the way out'
Independent Online, South Africa - 5 hours ago
On Friday, at the Dialogue for Justice, at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (Gibs) in Johannesburg, she was hailed as a trailblazer and a bullet ...


Columbus Dispatch

Columbus Dispatch, OH - 5 hours ago
"I had done a lot of work with products that helped analyze business data to let businesses make better decisions about inventory, their supply chains, ...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Business Cards: Use its Valuable Space to the FULL

Many business people neglect this valuable asset .... the "Business Card"

In business card, there are sometimes "empty spaces"

There are so many uses for this "empty spaces" in a business card.

These empty spaces may be used for a multitude of messages.

Remember it is your card, why not put it to good use?
Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking along the affirmative lines.

· List the conditions who differentiate you or your company from the

· Relevant information on your products and/or services

· Testimonials from satisfied customers

· Your guarantee for your products/services

· If it is appropriate…your hours of business

· Your company mission statement and/or goals

· Special Offers

· Your Points of Difference from the competition

· Product Information

· Links to Interesting Websites

· A Cartoon

· Public Holiday Dates and/or Holiday offers

· Recipe

· Famous Quote

· Next Appointment

· Your Opening Hours

· Other Clients

· Taxi Service Numbers

· International Time Differences

· Toll Free Numbers

· Terms & Conditions

· List of Email Addresses

· Local Services: Doctor, Dentist, Chiropractor

· Competition Numbers

· Refund Policy

· Money saving Tips

· Tips to Help a Bad back

· Five Ways to Overcome Stress

· Before & After Testimonials and Client Testimonials

· Members Code

· A ‘Thank You' Message

· An ‘I'm Sorry' Message

· Charities Your Business Supports

· Weight Conversion Table

· Measurements

· Health Tips

· Riddles

· Reports Written by your organisation

· Available Products

· Emergency Numbers

· First Aid Tips

· CPR Information

· National Flag

· Interesting Facts

· Laws

· Stretching Exercise

· Tips to Help a Sore Neck

· Tips to Help a Headache

· Photo of You as a Child

· Restaurants You Recommend

· Competitions

· Instructions

· Marketing Tips

· Management Tips

· A Line That Says “I just wanted to say…”

Of course this list can go on and on according to your imagination, but you get the general idea.

So, the next time when you run out of business card ready to order more .... remember the "empty spaces" could be put to a good use

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ecommerce Tips

If you are like the majority of people who are interested in developing an Internet founded business, you would like to understand the diverse phases and steps associated with the development of ecommerce activities. Once you've laid the initial foundation for your e-business, the time comes to take those intermediate steps associated with ecommerce and your business enterprise. This includes developing a targeted ecommerce plan. Through a targeted ecommerce plan you really will have a roadmap that will help you take your Internet established business enterprise on to the imminent level.

When it comes to the intermediate hints associated with ecommerce, you need to appreciate that any profitable sector on the Net at this juncture must focus on a targeted ecommerce marketing plan. In this moment regard, one tip that you will seek to keep in mind as part of a targeted ecommerce marketing plan is identifying those market niches that contain consumers that could be most inclined to be attracted to your products or services.

Another of the intermediate tips associated provided targeted ecommerce and your Net based industry generally is to seriously consider engaging qualified professionals to assist you in taking your business enterprise to the next level. In many instances, once an Internet based industry advances beyond the very preliminary stages, the additional service of professionals in various fields becomes far more principle if not crucial.

In the end, by following these intermediate tips as part of your complete targeted ecommerce marketing plan, you will see the revenues and proceeds associated with your business enterprise increase.

Great Lakes manufacturers soak up tips on fostering innovation - The Plain Dealer -

Great Lakes manufacturers soak up tips on fostering innovation - The Plain Dealer -

Great Lakes manufacturers soak up tips on fostering innovation
The Plain Dealer -, OH - 7 hours ago
At the end of his PowerPoint presentation, rich with anecdotes of fresh ideas gained and lost in the business world, his audience peppered him with ... Unveils Its New Face - MarketWatch Unveils Its New Face
MarketWatch - 11 hours ago
"Recent turmoil in the credit markets has hurt corporate business across various industries, but in the end the average consumer is the one who really pays ...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Free Advertising Tips for Small Business

Many small business experience a shoestring operating budget and
can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on advertising.
So right here is a few free advertising info to let you save a
bit of cash.

You can use these kinds of free advertising as that much and as often as
you need to.

#1 - Submit a urge release.

One of the best free advertising tips is to write a press
release for your business.

A press release can be a story about how you got started
with your business or about a unique product or service
you offer.

Make your release interesting and not a blatant ad for
your business.

People sttink success stories and that is a good way of
writing your press lease.

Then once it is finished, you can submit it to local
news outlets or you can publish it online.

The best place to release your story is by using the
website at

This is a very process of all the different free advertising
tips to choose from.

#2 - Write a magazine article.

This is one of the more commonly expended free advertising
tips while it ziggly works.

There are hundreds of magazines on a variety of topics.

All you have to do is find a few that real estate deal surrounded by your what
your business is about.

Then you simply spit out up a 500-700 word article and submit
it to the editors of your chosen magazines.

You should be able to put an authors resource box at the end
of your article.

This is at which you will put your contact information for
your business.

This is a favorite of the free advertising tips and has
been used up for years.

#3 - Use your vehicle.

One of the a multitude of unused free advertising tips is by using
your car, van or truck to advertise your business.

Just think right about how often you use your vehicle and the
places you urge to.

All you need to do is put your company logo on a license

Or you can put your logo on your doors, hood, or simply about
anywhere it can clearly be seen.

One of the benefits from using this method is you can also
make it tax deductible.

So there you go.

You have at your disposal some of the best free advertising

Put them to good use and save some money.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tax Relief - (Tips & Taxes)

A generous tip brightens up the drudgery of work, but it can not be pocketed without paying earning tax on it. Tips are as much your income as salaries and wages.

Tips come in different forms. The most typical are the tips received directly from customers. But a few tips are shared, too, and you ought to receive your share from fellow employees. Then there are tips passed on to you by your employer. None of these tips qualify for tax relief.

Tips are also received in kind; it can be a pass or a watch. The cash market value of such information is furthermore to be reported in your income.
You are also essential to news story tips to your employer every month if the total tips received is $20 or more. The idea is that your employer will be able to withhold tax tax on it. Even if it is less, there is no tax reprieve from the time even such petty amounts are required to be reported in your income.

Employers are required to allocate tips if the total tip reported by employees is lower than 8% of sales. However, if you continue a detailed record of the tips received, including tips shared, and hold reported the same to your employer, you may be able to justify a non-inclusion of allocated tips past what has been recorded and get some tax relief. Proper documentation is key in these matters. However, it is not possible to deduct tip-outs according to allocated tips.

So, go ahead and pocket as much tip as you can, but remember to keep a record of it.

Boss could face legal action for loose lips - Chicago Tribune

Boss could face legal action for loose lips - Chicago Tribune
Q : My boss has the gift of gab and continually spreads intimate details about his employees. For example, I recently told him I needed to take a day off for a minor medical procedure. I later found out that he told most of my co-workers why I was

Challenges abound for Bush at last economic summit - BusinessWeek
The problems do not get any easier as President Bush attends his final summit with leaders of industrialized democracies. Disputes over global warming, worries about soaring oil prices and uncertainty about Iran and North Korea's nuclear ambitions

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ten Top Business Tips

Recently I was preparing for a strategic business coaching presentation to a commission of business owners and senior management staff members. I had been asked by the host to make sure I had a list of ten top business tips to pass along to the attendees. Reflecting back over the out of several years, I tried to recall what I would select as ten of those top tips. After remembering chosen of the most highly successful people I have worked with as a strategic thinking business coach and/or an executive coach, I comprehended of what they had told me were some of the most impactful tips I had shared with them. Here are the ten top business hints that I recalled as invested in the biggest impact on past clients.

1. Develop a clearly focused and defined vision statement for your sector or organization. This vision statement should be a description of the image of your business that you feel particularly compelled to achieve.

2. Articulate and teach your business vision throughout your business or organization to inspire others. Commit to integrating and implementing at all is essential within the duration of the firm to reach your business vision.

3. Demonstrate your passion for your business vision in all that you do every day in your business.

4. Develop a Strategic Plan and a Strategic Action Plan to reach your business vision.

5. Acknowledge and appreciate your staff, clients, customers, and all your stakeholders on a daily basis. Be generous with your verbal and written expressions of thank you.

6. Consistently over-deliver on what is promised and supply added rate to your clients and customers.

7. Develop, adopt and strictly adhere to a code of solid business ethics.

8. Celebrate successes along the way to achieving your business vision.

9. Always observe proper business etiquette and exhibit impeccable business manners.

10. Seek outside advice through mentoring and/or coaching to provide a sounding board and to provide guidance and coaching on some of the hardy decisions you ought to want to make to reach your business vision.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Keeping the lights on in a low-carbon world - Virginia Business Magazine

Keeping the lights on in a low-carbon world - Virginia Business Magazine

Keeping the lights on in a low-carbon world
Virginia Business Magazine, VA - Jun 30, 2008
by Garry Kranz Editor’s note: When Virginia Business went to press for the July issue, no action had been taken on air permits for a new coal-fired plant in ...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

MLM Business

The mlm is a tricky business. If the cards are played right then you can earn millions by almost doing nothing. There are many ways the current you can achieve feat in and mlm business. There are numerous mlm success tips that you may supply handy to grow your business. These mlm accomplishment tips are wanted by all companies that are going to start an mlm company. These mlm success tips will godsend you to make your firm flourish over time.

There are many training programs and companies that specialize in giving out these mlm deed tips. If you are a newcomer to the business then you should attend these training sessions so that you can pick up a small amount of the best mlm success tips. Armed through these mlm success tips you can also grow you boom the way you desire it to and at the same time be successful. These mlm success tips are regularly offered by experienced mlm economy people.

There are many classes held that offer mlm success tips to consumers who are willing to learn. These mlm success tips experience evolved over ages of market research and development. These mlm success tips will godsend you to get the ideal out your economy and develop the best makes that you suffer in your grasp. The mlm success tips is able to surely see to your success in you business venture. You can build up your mlm system every where in these mlm success tips. These mlm success tips can also be collected online on the internet as well.

The mlm success information that are available on the internet are very basic. The most essential element to have success in an mlm arena or the a large number of basic mlm success tips is to have good communication. If you are a distributor or a seller of a product afterward you should be able to market and market your product to others. If you for example sell speakers, then you should be able to convince your customers why they should buy only your speakers. They should be convinced enough to imagine that there is no supplementary sound in the sector except from your speakers. But such is only half the work done.

Complete success in mlm re&wshyp;selling comes when you can make your purchaser to convince other people also that there is no better sound on the world other than the ones that come from your speakers. This way you develop a lead as well as get your offerings sold. This may help in establishing both your sales and your recruiting market. This is one of the key necessary factors in succeeding in an mlm business.

You should also be ready to provide your instigates providing any form of assistance if any is required. After sales services will not only attract customers and leads but also help to increase your sales and bring in more profits for you. Your mlm business system should also be updated amongst the times to continue up the pace of success in the world. It should bring in use of any modern implement available to keep your boom growing.