Friday, May 9, 2008

How do you Deal with The High-maintenance Processes in Your Organization?

Is this a picture of the Department of Widgets and Doodads in your organization?

The picture actually displays an homage to the great cartoonist Rube Goldberg, pictured here with a couple of young volunteers while giving a talk in front of the drawing board.
Goldberg’s famous namesake drawings were hiliarious because the contraptions in them were elaborate and impractical beyond all reason. But I talk to plenty of people whose daily frustrations make them feel like their organizations are built along the same lines. (You can see more of Goldberg’s famous contraption drawings at the official Rube Goldberg site.)
The other day I polled the crowd about what to do with high-maintenance people, so now let’s broaden the focus:

How do you deal with the high-maintenance processes in your organization?
(Contraption photo by freshwater2006; Goldberg photo courtesy of Alan Light.)
That's a good question to ponder dear readers ...... just how do you deal with High Maintenance Processes in your organization ???

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